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Gremln Features

Gremln offers a wide array of essential and intuitive features to help you make the most of your social media strategies. From message management and customer engagement to social analytics and education, Gremln’s unique feature set is specifically designed to help you master the social marketing landscape.

Gremln’s tool not only shortens your links so that they fit easily into your tweets and posts, but it also tracks the number of people who click on each link. allows you to calculate your social ROI by measuring how many people are viewing your product page, the checkout page, and all other webpages that matter most to you. Gremln also incorporates for any user currently invested in that alternate link shortening tool.
Enter a link in the message box at the top of your dashboard, then choose from the Shorten URLs tab.
Monitor the number of clicks your links get by selecting Links under the Tools menu.

Click the graph icon next to your links to dive deeper into your stats.
THAT'S IT! Now you can shorten your links so that they fit easily into your tweets and posts.